Saturday, October 31, 2009

What the...?

1) I forgot that it's Halloween. Kind of. This was the extent of the dress ups in our house.

And there were masks at a birthday party that we went to today.
What I forgot about is trick or treaters. And so after getting a bit of a fright from the first insistent knock on my door, I didn't have any candy. And this is the first year that I've actually had trick or treaters knock on my door. Previous years I've bought candy for them and then ended up eating it myself because no one else came to claim it.
So I found a block of chocolate in the cupboard, made sure the kids saw it coming straight from the packet, had them take it out of the foil so I didn't touch it, and told them to eat it before they get home because their parents might tell them not to eat any unwrapped candy.

2) Who's this guy sitting outside my house eating his dinner with a stash that would fill my kitchen cupboard, minutes after I hear a bunch of banging on the side of the house?
I don't know.
Probably my neighbour who I haven't seen since he moved in. I've seen his significant other lady friend who also lives downstairs a few times, but maybe this is him. I don't know because I didn't want him to look up and see me taking a photo of him so I never saw his face.

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