Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you seen this yet?

So here Erika and I are learning the Thriller dance for our Ward talent show. All in good fun you know. A pre-prepared dance for us procrastinators that wait till one week before the show to get started.

And then I hear about THIS.


The talent show is still on but I just got a private message in Facebook and you know what? I'm totally going to the Wellington Tribute. It's on 11 Dec, so check me out on YouTube in a couple weeks.


  1. This is the stuf fthat dreams are made of! Oh how I long for synchronised dancing! So SO awesome! Good luck with thriller. X

  2. I LOVE this too. Nicole you should totally come, you've got 2 weeks to learn the dance, and I looked at it tonight and learned it in about 15 minutes. It's good, but easy to learn and a great teaching video. Bring your girls and Brad and everyone! It's going to be awesome! Hopefully way better than Auckland's at least. Theirs was really a nice try but the video looks pathetic compared to Stockholm. Look it up on YouTube if you can be bothered.