Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon

I'm going to the New Moon premiere tonight at 12:01am. Ahhh! I'm not a super fan or anything. I mean, I've only read the books once. But I'm excited to be going out. With one of my girls. At midnight. Fun fun fun. (Oh and Nat says it's not a premiere it's just the opening session but whatever.)

One of the ladies at church has been trying to convince me ever since Twilight came out that I should dress up. I asked this time around does she mean dress up as in dress nice? Or dress up as in try to look like Bella Swan? She clarified, with help from my sister Erika, that they think I should go to the $2 shop and buy body glitter, then starting from 9:30pm layer it on every half hour so that I'm totally vampire in the sunlight by midnight. I tell you I was keen. But my date (my friend from high school, Victoria) wasn't so keen. What a shame.

I'll tell you what I thought of it tomorrow.

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