Saturday, November 21, 2009


Last weekend I and my family and my sister Erika and her family stayed out at my parents place for a couple days. Pictionary: Erika and I vs. Tim and Nat*. I think Erika and I won, but we were both on the final square, "All Play", so it was pretty close. I'm sorry but I can't help but yet again post some standout drawings for me:

Exhale, by Nat. They won the round with this one.

(Ignoring the cat in the corner which won us "flea collar") Junior High, by Erika. We did not win the round with this one. I got the cheerleader, I got the basketball player, I got the bus... But I didn't get Junior High. Erika said "But it looks exactly like that in High School Musical!" I told her "They're not in Junior High in High School Musical". Oh.

*Angela, Nat said they got something going when they were down south with you guys, and so they wanted to stick to their team and build on that. Haha.


  1. "Got something going?" If you mean beat us by one square, that IS something - I mean, after all, we do rate ourselves when it comes to Pictionary...because we're awesome. "Exhale?" From THAT? What the?

  2. The pacman on the left breathing out, then a cloud with hail. It worked for Tim.