Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Jacob/Team Edward

Which team are you on?

I loved that a bit came up on screen before the movie with this question. I love that people cheered for their team. I loved that I was in the big theatre rather than the smaller one, because there were two sessions at the cinema I was at. I loved that people dressed up even if I didn't get to. There were girls that came in their pajamas, and girls that wore matching singlets that were all ripped up with claw marks and said "Don't make me angry". They must have been team Jacob. I loved that there was clapping and cheering and audible sighs during the movie. And tons of squealing and giggling.

After reading the books I was definitely Team Edward. He's perfect you know? (Spoiler alert) Reading book 2 I just wanted to get through with it so Edward could come back already, because I knew that he would.

But then I watched the movie.

At first I was a bit taken aback by all the La Push boys running around with no shirts. That's not normal. But I got used to it. And then Jacob cut his hair.

And now I think I'm Team Jacob. A part of me is saying "No! Edward is better! He's always been better! Remember the books!" But a part of me is saying "Yes! Jacob! He's way better looking! It's nice when they cuddle!" I think a major thing that it comes down to is pasty white/hairy chest/barely muscly vs. lovely brown/smooth chest/incredibly cut. (Spoiler alert) That and, I think, you get to see their love grow a bit more. You understand where they're both coming from. Maybe because it's an almost normal situation (before the whole werewolf thing) so it's more relatable.

The trouble is, I only read the books once, and it wasn't long before Twilight became a movie. And so I can't remember my own characters from reading. They've been replaced by the movie characters. If only I could remember the Edward that I imagined, then it would be easier to stay team Edward forever. I do remember he had way better skin. Somehow the white as marble thing looked good when I imagined it.

All in all I thought the movie was good. I loved the way certain things were depicted like time passing, action sequences, and showing how fast a vampire runs by including a flying crow in the shot. And the atmosphere was good. I kept running in to people I know from church, including a mother of four in her thirties (forties?) who came by herself because she just couldn't help herself.

I think I'm on the fence Team wise. Jacob in the movies is way better than how I imagined him in the books (I think?). But I was never happy with the idea of him and Bella together because I was so invested in the Bella/Edward romance. I was never 100% happy with Pattinson as Edward. But I am attached to the description of their love in the books. It won't take much to win me back over to Team Edward. Bring on Eclipse.

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