Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Although I'm American, being brought up in NZ since I was three I can never remember celebrating Thanksgiving. I know my parents celebrated it on and off "whenever we remembered" for a while, but if I do remember anything from Thanksgiving, I've assimilated those memories with Christmas. They're close-ish together, Mum gets out the sectioned crystal plate, there's a big dinner with stuffing. Same same.

So tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving celebration within memory! The Bishop's wife in my ward is American and every year has a big Thanksgiving dinner. She invites all the Americans in the ward, there being quite a few with Weta and the capital in the city. It's a transitory ward with people coming in and out, but there is steadily a US contingent. So far, after 4 years I had never been invited. I'd received apologies, but never an invitation. I never minded. After all, I don't miss Thanksgiving. But this year, friendship outweighed obligation as she told me "Did you know you're invited to Thanksgiving? There are too many people to invite but I don't care anymore. You're coming this year."


I was told to bring my Thanksgiving specialty. Or if that didn't clarify, a vege dish. So I'll be bringing Butterscotch Blondies (original recipe here), with the pecans I figured they're Thanksgiving-ish, and vege sticks with dip.

Make sure to check my dinner blog tomorrow night for a run down of the festivities!


  1. I've always been jealous ofthe thanksgiving festivities! I think it's an awesome concept! When I have a family of my own I think I might adopt it! Also eating yummy food is never a bad thing. Cannot wait to see how it all went.

  2. There is something truly special about a holiday that encourages you to 1.) be thankful and 2.) eat your weight in pie.

    From one American to another: Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The picture you've chosen for your post makes me laugh. A lot.

    Also, I don't care how little I was, I'm with Rachel - double reasons to make this event happen, wherever you are!