Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things I've been thinking about today

I love:
  • eating. Especially sweets
  • having a tidy house
  • when a meal I make/baking/a photo I've taken turns out really well
  • craft blogs (even though there are far too many good ones to read)
  • sewing (even though I'm amateur at best and don't have a sewing machine)
  • being spontaneous
  • YouTube
  • My earrings. I "made" these at a Relief Society meeting the other night by putting paua shell discs on my sleepers. My everyday earrings are now sooo much better.
I know you can't really see the earrings in this photo but I thought I looked good in it so I didn't want to crop myself out.

Now on to the chores I've been putting off for 2 hours! Yes! 2 HOURS!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Those earrings are awesome.
    2. I love your note about the photo. Agreed.
    3. You've lost weight. Seriously. As in, "slap me in the face" you've lost weight.