Thursday, December 3, 2009

Australian Idol

I only just watched the Australian Idol finale. I'm so behind.


If you didn't know Stan won.


I still heart Hayley. I think she's SO pretty. I LOVE watching her perform, she's so fun. And I'm dying to go to a live concert of hers 'cause I think it would be AWESOME. She also performed Funhouse again, my favourite of her performances. I wonder if she read my blog and did it again just for me. I'm going to keep believing that for a little while. Because I have had hits from Australia of people searching her name, and surely if you were on idol you'd google yourself?

Stan is a GREAT singer too. And he doesn't pout as often as he used to. We recorded the finale and didn't actually get all of it, but the part we got and that I watched, he didn't pout at all! Awesome! And no t-shirt singlets/hoodies either! So I've got a little place in my playlist for him (maybe he read that post, and comments, too?). I'm actually quite happy he won. Would have been happier for Hayley because she was my fave but he's a little bit (or a lot) of alright too. So.

And anyone (read: Nicole) know if they're together or what the deal is with all the kissing and bum smacking between those two? Stan and Hayley? That'd be pretty cool.


I only thought Michael Buble was spastic when he was bowing after singing. But I'm totally biased now after hearing it suggested that he's "a bit spastic" when he performs.

I also decided my favourite mentor/guest judge of the season was Suzi Quatro. She was great.

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