Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas on the Cheap, 4-7 year olds

In my experience, 4-7 year olds seem to be big in to whatever's big at the time; whatever they see on tv, watch in movies, what their friends have, the latest trend. My gift for a child this age would be what I'll call an "Art Kit", that I would assemble myself.

  • First, google image search their favourite character/tv show at the moment with the word colouring. For a girl I would suggest "Disney princess colouring". For a boy "Ben 10 colouring". Hundreds of colouring pages come up, ready to be printed off. This is much faster than looking up colouring pages through a regular Google search.
  • Second, print out as many colouring pages as you want to give them. I think 10-20 would be enough, but if you want to give more it will all get used.
  • Third, buy some crayons or coloured pencils (you could pick some up cheap at The $2 Shop). Be kind to this child's mother and steer clear of the felt pens. If you want to give paint, even watercolour, you may have to include an apron in your pack.
  • Fourth, put the colouring pages and the pencils/crayons/(not felt pens) into an A4 size zip lock bag.

And viola! Ready to wrap.

If you want to dress this present up a bit more you could:

-go to a stationary/department store/The $2 Shop and get matching stickers and wrapping paper to go with your themed colouring pages

-include a list of fun websites that feature your chosen character/theme (you'll need to invest some time into checking which are good/rubbish that come up on your Google search)

-decoupage an image onto something fun like a glass, plate, bowl, clipboard or simply laminate it and then it could be coloured and wiped clean

-decoupage a colour image to an odd item in your kitchen that you won't miss to include another small gift that fits your theme.

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