Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas on the Cheap, Adults

Okay so here's where it gets a bit trickier. Nat pointed out that the ideas were getting more expensive as I go. I've tried to come up with what I thought were some different (read: not scorched almonds) ideas that are still on the lower end of the price scale.

  • iTunes Gift Card. Unfortunately the only available amounts are from $20 and upwards. Alternatively you can give specific movies or albums through iTunes, which can be a little cheaper.
  • Family photo. Find a favourite and get an enlargement, 5" by 7" are particularly affordable. If you make your own frame it will be both meaningful, and cheaper. Try paper mache, decoupage, scrapbooking paper laminated, or buy a nice (not necessarily expensive) frame.
  • Family tree. I just saw this idea for gorgeous family trees that you can have printed for you. I'm guessing they're expensive. If you're computer savvy you could always try and recreate something like this for yourself.
  • Homemade nativity or a kit for the person to make it themselves. I'll be posting a tutorial in the coming days for this felt nativity that I designed for an enrichment craft activity that you'll be welcome to use. It's easiest if you just use a gluegun.
  • Personal recipe book. Compile a book of the recipe's that you use the most. This will be best if you can get photos. Find a friend with a colour printer and swap printing it for a batch of Christmas cookies. Handy places to find cardboard that you might not have thought of to use for binding the book (punch two holes and tie it etc.) include the back of a pad of refill, cereal boxes etc., check your recycling bin.
  • Babysitting coupon. I told a friend today, "Babysitting is the best gift you could ever give."
I hope this has been helpful for someone! I forgot to mention Bubble mixture when listing the younger kids gift ideas. WINNER.

Anyone else got good ideas for adults? They're definitely the hardest!

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