Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas on the Cheap, Under 5's

My sister called me for a gift idea the other day, "Something small". I've decided I have quite a few good ideas about this. Today is my first in a series, "Christmas on the Cheap", giving cheap as gift ideas. Check back everyday and see if the person you're stuck on what to get falls in to the age group that I've posted for the day.

Under 1 year old:
  • Box
Give them a box. They're free at the supermarket. Wrap it if you like, but it's not really necessary. We've given Theo a box every Christmas he's had so far. He always loves it.
  • Reading Glasses
This one will need to be used under adult supervision, but I reckon a pair of reading glasses from the $2 shop that your babe is allowed to pull off your face and play with would go down a treat. (I'll be suggesting many a thing from The $2 Shop throughout the series)

1-3 year old:
  • Foam letter/number puzzle
At The Warehouse (another cheap go-to for me) they have a set of the whole alphabet and numbers 0-9, set in squares roughly 20cm square, made of foam, with interlocking sides, selling for a whopping $6. We got Theo this for his second Christmas. He opened the packet on the spot, played with it all day, and still plays with it everyday a year later. A definite winner.

3-5 year old:
  • Learn to write workbooks
When my sister-in-law had her second baby, her first was about 3, and I sent over some learn to write books from the good old $2 Shop. You know, the type that you trace the letters, follow the lines with your pencil, all that type of thing. $2 per book, hours of activity (if they use pencil and you have an eraser). She asked for more! Kids this age just seem to love to write.

Hope that's helpful! Christmas on the Cheap will last a whole week and finish in time for you to have all your presents bought, wrapped and delivered in time (hopefully).

Merry Christmas!


  1. also those finger lights from the $2 shop are great.

  2. all brilliant ideas! also, you gave Peppa a mini packet of krispas when she turned one which was perfect. Charlie still loves those pointy books! He has gone over the same lines so many times the pages just look like scribble now. I'm sure Peppa will use them in a year or so too! $2 very well spent!

  3. GREAT ideas! I HAVE used them...and I WILL be using more of them.

  4. I lOVe the $2 shop, only it turns into the $10 shop by the time I walk out :-)