Sunday, December 6, 2009

The performance

Approximately 20 seconds after we left the house, 20 minutes late (Nat had to help set up), I realised I had forgotten my camera. We didn't go back for it. I'm sorry to anyone I had promised a video of mine and Erika's performance of Thriller at our ward Variety Show.

I was really upset about it. But consoled by the thought that we will be performing it again at our family Talent show at Christmas.

We were awesome by the way. We had costumes and makeup and everything. Two women in particular in the front row couldn't contain their laughter. And I'm not being sarcastic when I say that that really made it all worth it. People laughed, cheered, took photos and told me afterwards that it was "Great, really great", "AMAZING!", "So good!" and other similar phrases. I also got quite a few "I loved it!"s.

Wish you'd all been there to see it!


  1. Um, I don't care how late you were. There is absolutely no excuse acceptable to me that there was no camera, and consequently is no video for me. Will there be a STAGE at our family variety show? Will there be the same enthusiasm for make-up and costume? Will there be the lady in the front row!?!?! I THINK NOT! So upset. Don't talk to me...for at least 3 minutes.

  2. Well we danced on the floor in the middle of the gym, not the stage, the seats were all around us. It was pretty cool. We had a big space. So you didn't miss the stage. And YES there will be make up and costume, and YES, YOU can be the lady in the front row, if not Yvonne. Jeremy will probably laugh at us too. And Haki. There will be plenty of laughing.