Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Way to go!"

As controversial as it seems to be, the treats are working. I had a lot more contribution today in class, and although some of it was definitely treat oriented ("That answer doesn't count because I already said that!", "I can smell the brownies from here!", "Please note I am sitting it the back row") it got a lot more people offering to share experiences and thoughts. Generally a win I think.

I even had someone tell me "Way to go!" after the lesson. It was an enthusiastic piece of positive feedback. But you know what makes the lessons so good is when people other than me are talking. That's why the lessons with treats are so good. There may be a couple more treats on the agenda to kick start things every now and again. But I won't be doing it every week. Especially since our meeting times have changed from 11am to 9am in 2010.

We share the building with another ward (congregation) and after years of no change are taking our turn having the early slot.

Our family has yet to master getting ready for church at 9am. Throw baking a batch of brownies into the mix and it makes for just scraping in to church 15 minutes late (at least we have 3 hours worth of meetings so that 15 mins is not such a high percentage to miss that I feel too guilty to put on mascara in the parking lot). Thank goodness for Betty Crocker*.

*And thanks Johanna for gifting me the box! It was an answer to prayers I tell you! (This being Yo-hah-na the best friend not Jo-an-na the sister-in-law)

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  1. funny, I was wondering when I gave you those :)
    I'd come to your class! I love betty crocker brownies!