Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fairybread Men

How can these not make you happy? They were intended for the kids but they were all gone before all the kids had arrived. I saw big hands pulling these off the table too.

We had a fun birthday party tonight. Lots of kids, games, treats, family. Good fun! It was the first we've had in this house of ours, the most kids we've had here, and once everyone had left we sighed about the mess to clean. But you know what? We had it all tidied and clean, including dishes washed, dried and put away, house vacuumed, looking better than before the party actually, in about, say, 45 minutes? With both kids going to bed in that time too. I will no longer be scared of hosting a children's birthday party.


  1. Sounds like fun! Was the party for Sadie? Do you think it would be sacrilegious to use wholemeal bread to make those?

  2. It was a combined party for Austin and Sadie, so just family came really but with 3 sides of family to come it filled the house.
    I think you could make fairybread on wholemeal bread as long as it was fresh, and not on multigrain.
    Also I discovered it's way easier to tip the sprinkles onto a plate and then press the buttered bread upside down on them rather than sprinkling them on. But you probably already knew that!
    And I used almost a whole container of 100's and 1000's to make these!