Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I love a good party. And I've had a couple in the past week or so.

Not this type of party...

This type of party...

Look at that beautiful cake that my friend Charles made and we decorated together for a wedding shower I threw this past week. His mother made my wedding cake. He carries on the family legacy. If you need a cake made I'd be happy to pass on his details. (Try and ignore that odd heart and uneven icing on the bottom left of the heart. That was my patch up job after Theo attacked it with a butter knife)

Look at my matching cupcakes! I was very proud of those. They were delish, a big hit. I used Alison Holst's banana cake recipe and just cooked it as cupcakes and mini cupcakes, then iced with cream cheese icing underneath soft white and red icing which I'd rolled out, topped with tiny hand moulded hearts. I just loved making them.

Look at the amazing desserts at Strawberry Fare, our restaurant of choice when we went out for dessert to farewell a couple friends. I ordered the sorbet and my sister Erika got the Devil's Dream Cake and then we shared. They were both delicious. The cake was more a mousse cake, totally my thing. The sorbet was infinity times better than I thought it would be. That whitish one was "Tropical" flavour, which means melon and pineapple. I could eat truck loads of that stuff. The other flavours were pink grapefruit and berry but I tell you, that Tropical one, which pretty much just tasted like melon (one of my favourite things!) was the best!

Now although this makes it seem like I love food parties, and food at parties (which I do), what I was trying to say is that I love girly parties! I love time out with the girls!

So if you have an occasion worth celebrating, count me in! Need some help organising it? I'm there! Weren't planning on having a party? Think again!

Next up is a baby shower for a friend due in April. Yay! Anyone got any unique game/theme/gift/party ideas?

As long as people keep getting married, having babies, moving countries/cities, having birthdays, getting promotions/grants/publishing deals/invited to fancy conferences, go overseas, come back from overseas, or generally keep living their lives, there will be parties to celebrate any and all and sometimes non-existant occasions. And I'll be there. Yay.


  1. yummo!!!!

    I love your cupcakes :)

    I also like your new banner

  2. Oh my gosh, those desserts look so good! Yum yum.