Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shower Standing Time

You know what I'm talking about.

You've finished everything that you need to do in the shower, but instead of getting out, you spend a few (or more) minutes just standing.

My siblings, their spouses and I had a conversation about this over Christmas so I know I'm not the only one.

You know you should get out. Husband/children/work/nice weather/life are waiting for you and you're using up the hot water. But you just can't yet. You keep standing there, turning the water hotter and hotter until it starts going cold again or you finally manage to convince yourself to get out.

I didn't use to really do standing time. My showers took long enough as it was. I even asked a few friends what I was doing wrong that made my showers take so long. After some consultation I concluded my shower routine should go wash hands, shampoo in, face wash on while shampoo out, face wash off, conditioner in, wash everything else, conditioner out. With all that I could never manage to get it into less than 15 minutes. My mother-in-law once told me, "You know what will change that? Children.".

Well. The children came. And things did change. I discovered I didn't need to wash my hair everyday and so on in between days, I now have standing time. And to be honest, I have standing time on hair washing days too.

My sister told me she read one woman called her shower her "Daily Devotional" (source anyone?).

I walked in to the bathroom one morning and discovered my husband does it too.

Anyone else?


  1. LOL yep and the turning it up a bit hotter yep I do that too

    I never really wondered whether other people do it until now


    but so good

    I reckon I do some of my best thinking in the shower :)

  2. I absolutely have standing time! In fact, I get done with the washin' part quicker just to get to the standin' part. And when the water is a little hotter during the standing, its even better...aah yes!

  3. I'm about to have some quality shower standing time right now. I consider the bathroom my own personal Fortress of Solitude.

  4. I do it too! It's one of the few quiet times that I get in a day! I just kind of assumed that everyone did it though.

    Found you through Kiwi Mummy Blogs. I'll be back :-)

  5. I'm delighted to hear of other people spending some time doing shower standing. It makes me feel more normal.

    Jen - I also think in the shower. I composed most of this post in the shower I'm sure.

    Rachel - Solitude in the shower to me means perfecting my NZ Idol audition for that day in the future when I'll need it.

    Mad Woman - Thanks for coming by, I'll be visiting you shortly!

  6. We have tank water. That is, water from the sky. That means...we ration it.

    One measure we take is having a timer in the shower (it's a bonus that it's a frog). Anywho...I always set the time taking into account washing hair or not, shaving in the shower or not, and...standing time. Non-negotiable.

    It is one of the best times to do the final planning of a lesson.