Thursday, February 11, 2010

Summer fruit

Check out the size of these plums! (And my camera cord. Can't be bothered cropping.)

Nat's parents brought over a Birthday Treat for Sadie the other night. Birthday fruit! They said they just bought the fruit from the store that was on the way here, but it was ENORMOUS! I had to teach Theo the word. Look at the size of them compared to our "normal" fruit.

They were delicious! Thanks Nana and Papa!
(I'm pretty sure neither of my in-laws will ever read this. Don't worry I thanked them in person too)


  1. oh yum!!!

    ive been busy doing my part time job and having some fruit to recover sounds good - its so HOT today

  2. wowzers! they look so delicious! its hard to find really dark plums like that too! jealous!

  3. Man oh man, I just re-read this and I want THAT plum!