Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beef Stroganoff

The other night I woke up feeling like Beef Stroganoff. I'm not pregnant, no, the first thing I crave when I get pregnant is fruit loops. Both times. (Followed by ice, beans, all kinds of sweets and then McDonald's at around 6 months.) It was however the first time that I had felt like eating in 4 days.

This is a bit odd seeing as I've never to my memory eaten beef stroganoff. All I was thinking was: beef, mushrooms, creamy, YUM. I had to google it just to see what it was. I was right. Except all the images that came up were with pasta. Gross. We had spaghetti and meatballs overdose last week, so I'm really over the whole pasta thing right now.

Can you have beef stroganoff with rice? Does anyone have a recipe? I seem to remember seeing on my last can of cream of mushroom soup there was a recipe. Has anyone tried that? Any good?


  1. I LOVE Beef Strog and had it for dinner tonight!!! No kidding!! But I am a cheater and just use the Maggi packet and add sour cream at the end. Yumo!!

  2. I'm with Belinda...MAGGI all the way! It's the best with rice too!

  3. When I flatted with Miko in my first year of Uni we made it from Maggi at least once a fortnight - it was her favourite. I know you and Nat are "from scratch" type folk, but if you're all on the mend and not yet running on full cylinders, I reckon you could, without too much guilt, splash out for a sachet and just follow its instructions...and serve over rice.

  4. Well it looks like Maggi it is! I'll probably also try and make it from scratch sometime too.

    Wanted to make it tonight, got the steak out and everything, but we had no mushrooms. Oh well! Next week maybe!

  5. Yum, I love stroganoff! Definitely do it with rice if you've had a pasta overload...I know what that's like hehe.