Saturday, March 20, 2010


We went blueberry picking today. It cost $15 a kilo for the blueberries, which seemed pricy, but we came away with just over 400g for $6. Nat checked at the supermarket and a punnet of around 125g costs $4 there. And really we came away with so much more.

One of the farmers (who was the life partner of the guy that hit on Nat when he was out selling last week) came and showed us a few tips. He showed us where the best trees were. He told us the bigger berries would be sweeter. He showed us there are different kinds of trees and they taste differently.

When we asked "Is it ok if the kids eat some as we go?" he said "Oh yes! You HAVE to taste test them to make sure you're happy with the taste of the ones you're picking." So. With that liberating permission the kids went wild. Theo would fill then empty his bucket. He was plucking those berries off the trees as fast as he could pop them into his mouth. Until he got so tired he had to be carried to the car. Every now and again I would cull my bucket and take the worst berries out and hold them in my hand for Sadie to eat as I carried her around. She was also eating non-stop. Nat said when we left "I wonder how long she would eat them for?" I said "Until she threw up". Nat said "Probably". He said she was blissed out while we drove away to her humming in the back seat with a full tummy and heavy eyelids. Heaven for her.

Well Sadie, who definitely ate THE MOST berries I've EVER seen ANYONE eat in one sitting, let alone for a 1 year old, didn't throw up. Theo on the other hand, turns out his little two year old body couldn't quite handle the feast. Three "episodes" later and Theo is in bed at 6pm, totally worn out. We managed to skip Sadie's afternoon nap and her her in bed then too.

So. A fun outing for the morning, naps in the car on the way home (for all but the driver), a bag of berries in the fridge (some of the sweetest I've tasted!), babies in bed by 6pm, the whole evening ahead of us to enjoy! Definitely worth $6.


  1. yum what a neat experience