Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Crafter Within

I try my best to be crafty. At church we have a glorified knitting circle we call "Crafty Chatters". We all get together once a month at our oldest matron in the congragation's care facility and do crafty things together. As much as I try this is pretty much the only time I actually sit down and do something sewing/knitting/crocheting related. Between feeding, changing, toileting, and disciplining my kids, and cleaning pen off the carpet and chairs, making my son apologise to various people he has offended and mediating Theo and his cousin who set off fireworks in each other I don't get much done.


Recently I received a beautifully wrapped package from a friend that I've drifted out of close contact with. This was inside:

I thought it was a pretty terrible colour combo. It's also too short, and too wide. But it was hand made with love. I might be able to find an opportunity to wear it. Or give it to one of the kids or something.

Then I read the note.

"My darling Mariah,
I have treasured this for almost a decade because of the love with which you made it and the happy memories it stirs. How I wish we could go back... when we were all closer than anything and could hang out all the time. Time moves on, people move on, but I will never be done loving you... In the larger picture it is perhaps more appropriate you keep this, your first knitting project. I wish I could express how happy it always made me, how precisely I remember moments surrounding it. We must keep in touch better!..."

Turns out I chose these colours. And the width, and length of the scarf. My friend Sarai who taught me to knit when we were in our early teens kept this horrible piece for near a decade! And now has returned it to me. I was touched.

Maybe I'll wear it. Maybe I'll still just give it to one of the kids. But it sure is a nice gesture. And I feel all warm inside thinking back to the origins and journey of this scarf.

I must remember to Facebook her and thank her!


  1. Hey Mariah,

    I have the exact same scarf! I made mine when I was in Primary. Same colour combo, same super width...except you have one up on me with the tassels!

  2. the "Crafty Chatters" sounds neat
    shame about the fact that it cant be kid free

    and bless her

  3. This was a good read, thanks!

    Also, I would wear that scarf. It's cool! I'd probably marry it with greys and very big, bright earrings.

    You were a good little knitter, early!

    And hey - there are more ways to be crafty than workin' in wool! If that were the only avenue, I would be the least crafty person you know!