Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crafty things

I love sewing. And crafty things. Not that I really do that much myself. I have a whole section of "Design Blogs" (meaning anything crafty really) that I read. Here are a couple crafty things I've enjoyed in my real life recently.

I made a rough drawstring bag for some blocks that I'll be giving away to a friend for her new babe. I missed the baby shower tonight though, for quarantine reasons. It was a fun 1 hour(ish) project though.

Can you spot: My awesome stripey pyjama pants.

And don't you just love these vintage looking toy birds that my friend Johanna gave me for my kids recently? A friend of hers made them from hankies. What a great way to source squares of vintage cloth!

1 comment:

  1. wahoo i featured. how exciting.

    my little friend birds are on my shelf looking spectacular =)

    Your bag you made is so cool. you are one creative lady. i struggle to even sew just a simple straight line. i think im 'craft challenged' which is really just a nice way of saying i suck at crafty things.

    keep em coming