Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Not that I actually even knew it was St Pat's day today, or celebrate it, AT ALL. But it was raining/windy/freezing today and so indoor activities had to be thought of. And I looked at all my "Every occasion/All holidays" decorations set and though, "I'm sure the design blogs I've been reading have been making shamrocks and the such lately. Maybe St Patricks's day is coming up."

Our other activities included cutting up paper print out pictures into puzzles, then tearing them to shreds, then cleaning them up, soccer/basketball (2-year-old style, with cushions as the goals and either a green beach ball or a pink $2 shop ball and the adult on their knees), a reading session, a few computer games (our favourite toddler sites here, here, here and here), we let Theo ride his bike inside and he has a growing posse of imaginary friends (Charlie, Lola, Mum [which is not me. I'm "Mummy". Totally different], Chickenrun and even Lupe, his nursery teacher at church, "came over to play" today). In the afternoon there was an hour or so without rain so we bundled up and went down to play at the park, wet leaves and all.

What do you do on rainy/windy/freezing days to pass the time?


  1. yummy looking gingerbread men

  2. I found the idea for a rice and bean box instead of a sandbox. You just use dried beans and rice, mix them together, and put them in an old drawer or some kind of box and let the kids play. I recommend putting a sheet or blanket underneath to make it easier to clean up, even though it will still get a bit messy. You can add toys to it, to spice it up. My kids love it.

  3. ooo i love that idea for a rice and bean box. Thats clever.

    I love your gingerbread men, they are very cool.

    I have some piping bags which i tried out and it worked pretty good, not as hard as i thought =)

  4. Thanks for the rice and bean box idea Mandi! We don't normally buy dried beans, so I might just have a rice box, but it's a great idea.

    Johanna - The green icing was all piped. I let Theo do it. It was easier for him than spreading it on with a knife. My first time using a piping bag too, it was fun!