Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Blueberries...

Turns out it's something much more sinister making my kids sick. Sadie got sick too and symptoms have escalated. It can be a bit worrying but at the same time all the peace and quiet is nice. They pretty much sleep all day. But not without the lows that sickness brings.

How we're getting through it:

Water, yoghurt, Powerade, fruit, formula - The list of what we try to feed them when they wake up. With varying success. My kids don't like medicine (paracetamol), so we mix it in with yoghurt to get it in them.
It's no one's fault - What I tell myself to help me just get on with cleaning up the mess.
I expected to be getting up in the night - That way when my children woke up it wasn't shattering my night's sleep, it was part of the plan.
No pajamas - The kids are feverish and so don't need the coverage, and it's reduced the amount that we have to wash every time a bed gets messed.
No cloth nappies - Don't try and be a hero and use cloth nappies when your kids are sleeping all day and have diarrhea. Both of those factors on their own could cause some leakage but together, you're just asking for disaster. We're changing beds all day as it is using disposables.
Wash as you go - We've devised a system for dealing with the mountainous amount of laundry. For bedding and adult clothing we rinse (if needed), spray and put in the washing machine, as soon as it's taken off the bed. Then when the washing machine is full we wash and dry straight away in the dryer. It's been filling 3 or 4 times a day, so it's washed often enough that stains aren't setting, and nothing is piling up. We're also not trying to wait for nice weather to get the washing dried outside. We need it clean NOW, so that means constant dryer usage. We'll ease off once the kids are well again. For kids clothes, because the amount of them is very small since we abandoned pajamas, they go into the laundry sink to soak, inserted into my constant rotation of soak and wash since I use cloth nappies. But that system is another story.
Support - Nat has been mostly home since sickness hit on Saturday afternoon, and we've been able to support each other in looking after the kids. He's gone out a bit today, but it's manageable when I know he's going to be back and able to help again in a couple hours. Also, my mother-in-law took the afternoon off work as a sick day, and came over for an hour while Nat was out to hold the baby, amuse the toddler, fold the clean washing and bring big, fresh, green, seedless grapes for refreshment. I know, I'm spoiled.
Brownies - I took time out to make a double batch of brownies last night. It was just what I felt like and they've been nice to snack on in those moments that I need something quick. It was also nice to be doing something leisurely with everything else going on.


  1. They may be sick but they certainly are beautiful! Sadie looks so sweet under that quilt :)
    I hope everyone gets better soon. Glad you have nat and mum around to help. thinking of you guys.

  2. Your motto re. nappies is my motto always.

    I'm sorry things are ick right now though!

    And Sadie DOES look SO sweet! Haki agreed.

  3. I thought you might like that Johanna! She sleeps under your quilt almost every day!

  4. They do so look so peaceful! I just had to say that that quilt is gorgeous! Get better soon :)

  5. Mariah - for future reference - a strict diet of stewed apple (apple sauce), bananas, plain toast, steamed rice and water will stop up either vomiting or diarrhoea (I'm SURE there's an 'o' in there - must be the pesky US spell check - Ger-rrrr!) Seriously - in like the course of ONE day max.

    Also I towel everything - thick bath towels on the bed under the child, over pillows and on the floor beside the bed under their handy spewing bucket - and a roll of toilet paper for them to wipe their mouth with after they've been sick.

    You can stew apples fairly quickly and without hassle by peeling, coring and slicing apples very thinly and chucking in a microwave safe jug with a little bit of water (it's supposed to be 1/4 cup per apple but some apples are just so small and it can end up really watery!) - the original recipe (c/o Alison & Simon Holst) says to microwave for 5 mins per apple - I say zap it in small increments till the apple is yellow/soft and well cooked enough to squish/mash.

    Hope you're all better :)

  6. Ana - Sounds like you've got plenty of experience in this area, poor you!

    And thank you for your well wishes everyone else, we're all well recovered, for a few days now. Glad to be through that!

  7. Mariah - I know about those foods cos once I asked the nurse at our Doctors cos you just feel so helpless when they're sick like that. Anyway, she told me feed them the list I told you and I tried it out with astoundingly speedy results - so now I tell everyone who will listen! And probably some who don't....