Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'll admit, I walk around the house in my underwear. Not all the time. But on occasion. (Please don't leave me out here like this and admit that you do it too. Literally. Post a comment below.)

Ever since we moved to this house though, I have a few reservations. Specifically in the kitchen. The kitchen window faces a row of other kitchen windows, which I regularly peek into. Like ours, most don't have curtains. Or else they don't shut them. We have a flat blind that you're meant to be able to pull down but we broke it when we were looking through the flat before we leased it.

It's not too bad. We're on the top storey of our house and most other houses near us are only one storey or else downhill from us. So I look down into their homes, and I figure they can see me in mine if I'm standing next to the window. Or if they're in that other tall home a street away and I have the lights on at night then I'm sure they can see in too. Or further across the valley where I can see the light from their tv late most nights. If I can see them they must be able to see me right?

So I always put something on when I need to go into the kitchen. Nat mocks me for this a little bit. I almost never see anyone else in any of the other houses, so who is it that's looking at me?

Just the other evening I was standing in the kitchen looking down into the three houses that I have the best view. In one house it's a lounge I think, the next the kitchen sink, and the last also the kitchen sink, but they have curtains that they shut mid-afternoon. I might have been doing something and just absent mindedly been looking out the window as well. Or not. I might have been looking down into these people's homes and doing nothing else. Sorry but I do that. And then I saw a woman walk into the kitchen to the sink. In her underwear.

Trouble is she saw me too.

I abruptly turned around and walked away and didn't let my curiosity get the better of me. She was wearing black though, and in 10 Things I Hate About You they say that girls only wear black underwear when they want it to be seen.

I have since seen her in her kitchen a few more times. Fully clothed.


  1. HAHAHHAHAHA! You should have just laughed! I never would hae picked you for a knicker-walker Mariah! You saucy lady! Let them look - who even cares? You go to the swimming pools, with not much more on. The black underwear theory is a have.

  2. Well even if I wear that much at the pools (always a one piece for me by the way) togs are made to be seen. Underwear - perhaps also made to be seen but not by just anyone! There's a reason underwear is called "unmentionables" or "personals". It's personal! The moment it leaves the rack and someone has ownership of it, even just carrying it to the counter to buy it, it's personal.
    Invites only thanks.

  3. We keep our blinds open 24/7 and several apartments face directly into ours so strolling around without being fully clothed is not going to happen.

  4. AHAHAHAHAHHA thats excellent. I definately took to doing underwear (or less) runs from my room to my shower and seeing as i live alone this REALLY isnt a problem apart from i got distracted in the lounge one time and realised that there is a walkway DIRECTLY down the side of my house which is covered by light greenery (hence me missing it) and someone just waltzed on by and gave me the fright of my life. I hit the floor and did the 'snake' back to my room so they wouldnt see me in all my uncovered glory. Oh dear. since then i always wear my dressing gown or close the curtains.
    oh and the black underwear thing prob isnt true but coz its from my all time favourite movie im taking it as law

  5. Pretty much the number one reason we live out in the ol' country is so that we can walk around in our underwear.

    I open our curtains every morning in them.

    I warn our friends to let me know they're coming for this the time of day does not offer any greater assurance I will be dressed.

    Ah, the country.

  6. on occasion I do walk around the house in my underwear and in the middle summer I usually wear my bra and a sarong

    I have and wear black underwear but I have to tell you this its not to be noticed its just cause I liked them. Im through with men unless God decides otherwise

  7. We don't have a walkway near our house. Our house is down a leg-in and faces out onto our front lawn, driveway and a hedge - HOWEVER our neighbours (and pretty much any random stranger in the neighbourhood) use our property (front lawn and drive) as a public walkway. Our large sash-windowed bedroom is right at the front of the house - no underwear walking in there without the curtains pulled!

  8. So the consensus seems to be that the black underwear theory IS a have, like you said Nicole (I don't actually know what that means, but I assume it means it's not true). And thank you everyone that owned up as well. And to everyone that said they would if they could but they can't. Because really, that's what you all said, even if you didn't.