Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 minutes "rest"...

This is what that extra 5 minutes in bed cost me this morning.

I knew something was wrong when I heard Sadie start crying. I can't believe it got this far before she cried.

Half an hour and an unexpected shower and bath and bathroom clean later and you'd never know it happened.

It took a lot not to laugh when I needed to be serious, but also to laugh instead of lose my temper. Thank goodness I can use it as a blog post. That's what I told myself.


  1. So did Theo do it? Or did Sadie do that all on her own?
    As an outsider (ie not having to clean it up myself) And with those gorgeous happy faces, it's pretty hard not to think they are just cute! I am glad you still want to laugh :)

  2. oh no!!! LOL

    on a serious note
    you might want to think about kiddie locks my friend

  3. Johanna - Yes, Theo did this to his sister. Sadie was happy to play along, for a while. She likes to do anything Theo does.

    Jen - I think you're right! We've gotten by mostly without them so far, but that era is probably over.

  4. I *shared* this, in the holiest sense of the word.

    Oh. I laughed. Haki shook his head.


  5. Ana - What's your story?

    Ange - Thanks for the share-age!

  6. Haki did that once with the 5kg flour container!! I was not impressed!! Especially when he tried to blame the cat we didn't own?? LOL

  7. Gamma Bev - the things kids come up with aye?

  8. I dunno which to tell Mariah - there are SO many - I have 3 of 'em remember. There's the morning poo explosion that had me ringing a friend to come take the older boys to school while I cleaned one babe, me, and cleaned down and disinfected a highchair top to bottom.

    There's the youngest's "thing" with large tupperware containers of flour - he LOVED "playing" with it.
    He also enjoys stealing salad from the fridge. And cucumber. And carrots - unwashed and unpeeled. And apples. Annnnnd Gherkins if the jar lid is loose.
    And playing with knives.

    One time the older two got a 2kg tub of honey down and sat on the doormat at the backdoor eating it with their hands - all over their hands, up their arms, in their hair....

    Too many to tell :)

  9. Oh and MILK. Lots of milk spills. BIIIIIG ones. More like milk flood/tidal waves.