Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles

Does anyone know what that is meant to stand for?

Props to whoever put together the ad that ran for the previous episode of NCIS.

'50 militia, 2 stranded agents, one way out. "Shut it down!"'

I was so convinced I recorded it to watch later with Nat. After the first two minutes I turned to Nat and said "This is not a good show.". We watched it all anyway, but will not make the same mistake twice.

Other comments from my commentary, and thoughts:
- "I don't get it how the main guy isn't good looking." I didn't think it mattered, but it does. CSI: Miami is on to something. I will no longer question the credibility of an entire team of advanced investigation scientists being so good looking. I will just be grateful.
- "This really isn't good." They're based in some sort of barn with nautical paraphernalia. I don't think it would be cool if some sort of specialist undercover (?) team worked out of such surroundings. I don't get it.
- Is that the premise of this show? A team that specialises in undercover work? I just don't know! Unlike other shows that have taken exactly 3 minutes to have me totally enthralled and with it: Chuck, CSI: Miami, Numbers, House. I'm sure there are more. These aren't shows that I go out of my way to watch (except Chuck) but they're shows that I have once stumbled upon and been pleased with. And subsequently have been happy to stumble on again occasionally.

Just looked on IMDB for pictures and found that the main characters partner is played by LL Cool J. Groan. So much explained with this revelation.


  1. NCIS = Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The LA version sucks in comparison to the original series, in my opinion. I gave up watching after the first episode.

  2. Haki and I made the same mistake of watching it one evening. Our comments were similar;

    "What is this building they're working in? A retreat? A ranch? A villa? What the?"

    "So, Chris O'Donnell's hit rock bottom, huh?"

    "What's with the Apple-fest?"

    "There IS no story!?"

    "Why are they talking like that? Do they think they can be cool and smart? They're not."

    "This is ridiculous."

    NOW, one last point. You kept referring to the "main character/guy" - do you not know Chris O'Donnell? Did you just miss that boat? Or is he on the cusp of our age gap? He mattered once, you know.

  3. Judy - thanks for that! I'd missed it having never watched the original.

    Angela - Your comments capture my feelings better than mine did. And I didn't recognise Chris O'Donnel OR LL Cool J. I missed both those boats. I recognised both their names when I saw them in IMDB, but like I said before, all I saw when looking at the pair of them was a main character that wasn't good looking! What else had O'Donnell done?

  4. Chris O'Donnell was in Circle of Friends with Minnie Driver (or at least I'm pretty sure that's the first movie I remember seeing him in). He was also in some rom-com - the Bachelor? Something like that. And he was in a Batman movie - as Robin. Bahahaha! Actually Ange - you've gotta say THAT movie was rock bottom, surely?

    I agree with Judy - regular/original NCIS - SO MUCH BETTER! and amusing - and not in a forced way like the LA version. I also have to agree with Ange - what's up with the government department based in an "inconspicuous" Mansion?! When I saw the first episode I thought - this looks more like a movie set - they have a wardrobe co-ordinator - what the?!!

    Mariah - I have to ask CSI:Miami is casted with incredibly good looking people? REALLY?! Does this include the Red head guy???

  5. Ana - Horatio, the red head guy/main character, in CSI:Miami, is the token normal looking person on that show. But also, I see him as an entire generation above mine, as like, my parent's generation. All the other characters seem much younger, and I'll group them with my generation. Since he was such an oldie in my eyes I didn't even tag him good looking or not. It seems a bit weird to do so.