Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Overalls

You've been introduced to them before.

These are "The Overalls".

Recently these got handed down to me for Theo, and I instantly knew they would be super cute on him. Trouble was, he hated them. Absolutely. He would cry and throw a fit rather than wear them.

We thought we could use this to our advantage. One night Theo was getting out of bed rather than going to sleep. "Tell him he has to wear the overalls tomorrow if he gets out of bed again" was Nat's idea. It worked. He went to sleep.

It didn't last forever though. And we didn't mind too much, because it kind of killed two birds with one stone. After we told him he would have to wear the overalls since he'd gotten out of bed he stayed and went to sleep. But he still had to wear the overalls the next day. So we got to see how cute they were on.

But wait, it gets better. The next time I tried that threat on him to get him to stay in bed it totally didn't take. So I had to take it further.

I made him sleep in them.

He hasn't worn them since. He didn't need this sort of motivation, he was very good at going to bed. Tonight he's suffering a relapse. I think I might have to bring The Overalls back in to play. We'll see.


  1. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA i just love this story.

    that is all xox

  2. my thoughts exactly! This is a great story. Loved it!
    What a character Theo is!