Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I got up early today. I think it made all the difference. I headed into the day all cylinders go with a cheery face and chirpy voice straight out of bed. Rather than spending far too much time in bed wishing that I had another hour to sleep.

My day was filled with "games" with the kids. Keeping occupied inside away from the bad weather. There were chores interspersed in there.

We had a smorgasbord lunch that just kept on going. "Would you like more? Okay, let's see what we can find." I think having such full tummies helped everyone be very happy.

Theo and I drew on the sidewalk while Sadie napped. Or rather I drew on the sidewalk. Theo proved he's a better driver than me already by maneuvering with ease around my curling road that I'd drawn.

I spent a couple hours in the kitchen making dinner: vegetable curry. It turned out delish. Perfect even, considering I worked from no recipe.

Bath. Fit in some vacuuming before bedtime.

Both the kids went down immediately and without a peep. And did I mention we only just put them in the same room? Sadie was in ours, then they were together which didn't work, so Theo was in ours, and finally, they are in their own room. Three days in and it's going great. Potential crisis: never eventuated.

7:00pm - clean and tidy home, both children beautifully and soundly asleep, husband out with friends. A whole evening to myself. Plenty of things on my list of things to do.

Everything a day should be. Not that anything other than this would not be perfect, but today just all worked out. It all fit. I feel like I've finally caught up from feeling chaotic for about a week.

I hate to be a pessimist but right now I'm waiting for the bomb to drop. What am I forgetting? What haven't I done? What's going to come back and bite me later?


  1. pleased you had a great day
    my sister reckons getting up making a difference to her day too

    Im not one ofr staying in bed once Ive woken - I get on the internet and catch up with friends like you :)

    I use to be like you and wonder how longf my good day/times would last. I reckon just enjoy each day at a time. Realizing there will be not so good days some days but hopefully tomorrow will be goods again :)

  2. Yes I think I'm learning it's about attitude rather than actual occurrences of the day. Today was also great, and very different, and a lot less ideal things happened. It's about each day at a time like you said!