Saturday, April 10, 2010


(Theo outside in the courtyard at our last house, just over a year ago)

Bad news. We were robbed.

When Nat told me I asked him how he wasn't fuming about it. He said because the doors of our car were unlocked only a few metres away, with our iPod sitting out on the passenger seat, both carseats in the car, and a good load of other things of his in the back. And all they took were our outdoor chairs that were sitting outside the front of the house.

Nat brought those chairs home from an auction a year or so ago. He'd bought them for a dollar or two. No one else had wanted them. They weren't assembled and were splattered with something that made them look like a dirty pile of wood. Nat brought them home, cleaned and assembled them, then looked them up online and found they were worth $200 a piece. Nice.

Just yesterday I sat outside in the beautiful weather reading a book on one of those chairs while Sadie slept and Theo swept the porch. I hadn't used them much at this house before then, because we don't have a good outdoor area like our last place, they were kind of awkward where they were. But it's funny that I just finally had a nice afternoon involving those chairs and now they're gone.

I feel so violated. They were in our tiny little porch by the front door. The thieves would have been directly underneath where I was sleeping when they picked them up to take them away.

Who does that? Seriously?

I was glad that I'd checked the door was locked last night (did I? It's haunting me a bit...). But still. I don't want to be glad that I'd checked the door was locked last night.

Bleeeeeeuugh *shudder*.

Seriously. Who does that.

BUT... I am truly grateful that that was all we lost. Thanks Nat for seeing the silver lining.


  1. With our neighbours and random strangers regularly trespassing by cutting through our property this is something that I constantly fear that the trespassing will escalate too - a while back someone actually came on the property and moved a bucket and a toy builders helmet while I was just out our back door (I heard them! and thought it was the kids inside!) then later I saw they had been moved and placed neatly on the concrete steps right opposite our lounge window - I felt ill. I know it was just unimportant things but it was more the coming on the property and MOVING things and what this could lead to if unhindered - ya know?
    The other night I came home alone with the boys - there is a square-ish concrete poll across the width of the bottom of our drive - someone had pulled it out onto the drive (I usually back into the carport and I had to get out in the dark and move it so I could back the car - grrrr!!). WHY????!?!?
    Then the following Friday someone threw stones at the boys' window and broke it, and the next morning someone threw rocks and stones at our house and windows.
    It's awful not feeling safe in your OWN home and not being able to go to your neighbours for support cos it's them!!!
    Feel for you guys - hope you feel safe again. Me - I'm heading down to see the local community constable next week and get me some trespass orders to serve on people I catch comin' through!!

  2. Im sori
    and it is very violating. We got robbed once in Auckland. They got our play station, and Tv and video recorder. Only that wouldnt have worked for them all that well. They stole it on a big rugby afternoon. I so hope they tried to video the game cause they wouldnt have been able too.

  3. oooo that makes me SO CROSS. I was just telling my cousin the other day about how delicious the afternoon was with Theo and I picking flowers and you sitting on the outside chair with 'the babe'.

    Its not that you are bad people...its that your BEHAVIOUR is bad. I want to smack them with wooden spoons.

    Bless for your car being left untouched. Just feels yucky knowing that your stuff isnt safe just outside your house eh.

    I say set up a scarecrow with sensors so that when someone gets close it says something scary - Nat is good with fancy computer it....go on.

  4. Oh no! I'm glad they only got the chairs (and glad you didn't spend the $200 on them so it's not as ouchy now they're gone!).

  5. Now you know how I felt about our doormat.

    If you replace your chairs and they get stolen again, then you'll know I felt about our second doormat.

    Feel free to adopt any of the measures brainstormed to catch the chair-thieves.

  6. Thanks guys.

    More silver lining: they didn't take our recycling bin, which was right next to the chairs. That would have been annoying.

    But it's a bit gross also because they must have scoped it out. They are big, heavy chairs that they must have been prepared to take, and if they were just looking for anything to steal they would have also found our car. So that's a bit more gross. We had been observed. Ew.

    BUT... Only $2 of ours lost. They never came in the house so I'm not feeling totally violated.

  7. We had friends who lived near us who went to Nelson for the weekend and got home to find they'd been completely ripped off - someone had come and cleaned them out - they even took milo and ribena concentrate from the cupboards! And they tried to break into their shed to steal their lawnmower - can't remember if they were successful. Anyway my friend's daughter made it all seem trivial with this winner of an insight - she was just ecstatic that they had not stolen her kiddie Jesus videos. NICE - that's the perspective!!

  8. Sorry about that! Hopefully a blog award will cheer you up!