Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good for a laugh

I was looking through our Photo Booth gallery today.

These caught my eye.

Photos that I've taken that I think I look hot in.

My straightened hair for a night out at a friends birthday dinner.

My awesome hair and DIY flower headband. Big flowers on people's head are so in right now.

Today was the first time that I've worn pigtails since high school (I know they're braids) and been able to take myself seriously.

And this little beauty: Our Thriller dress rehearsal. Hope you don't mind Erika.


  1. you DO look hot!
    Peppa and I watched the video (which is awesome). Peppa said "again!" when it finished.
    Glad your trust activity went well. You are awesome and I bet you make a great YW leader!

  2. I agree, total hotness! and brave of you to put them up! (mine are tucked away to be laughed at later!). Pigtails are cool - i wear them all the time... makes me feel young!

  3. When i babysat the other night i found a really REALLY pretty picture of you with curly curly hair. I think it may have been in nats photos. I was tempted to pinch it for a blog post on you but i didnt. Its my fav pic of you aside from you 'dream' profile pic on facebook xx

  4. Johanna - Thanks! I love watching this over and over too.

    FaerySarah - That's the first comment that I got on my braids that day "You look very cute today, very young."

    Johanna - Any more details on the photo? What was I wearing, anyone else in the picture etc. I'll post it somewhere for you to pinch if you like.

  5. well i was watching community tv so i was in that folder and then i pressed a button and it turned i was trying to get back to it....and i ended up in photos. Im pretty sure it was in nats photos and you had curly hair and you POSSIBLY were wearing a redish colour top...or black....tough call and i wanna say you were at the bottom of some stairs maybe.....?

  6. Johanna - Found it. Because I already posted a ton on here of myself (oh the vanity), check Facebook. I might just have a new profile pic.

    It's from when Nat and I were dating, we were getting ready for a ball.