Monday, May 10, 2010

Signing Off

We're going to the temple for a week.

I'm "signing off". We'll have no access to a computer or internet, tv or media of any kind. We're taking a couple jigsaw puzzles to do in the evenings. Jigsaw puzzles! When's the last time you did one of those?! Anyway, getting back to real life interaction without screens will be a bit different for us.

Back in a week!


  1. I'm always in awe of members of the church who have to plan super long temple trips. I have 4 within a 2 hour drive that I can choose from. I drove out to the LA temple a few weeks ago and was totally whiny because it took 90 minutes. It use to be the nearest temple for years and now there are two that are closer. Thanks for the example and have a terrific trip.

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. Thanks Rachel! We have one in NZ that is 6 hours drive for us, so we think not too bad. The area presidency recently launched the temple week system, we used to go up on a Friday night, back on a Saturday, once a month.

    Just found out that New Caledonia (I think, it may have been a different island) comes to the NZ temple for a month at a time, and it takes them 5 years to save to make the trip. A-MAZ-ING.