Friday, May 7, 2010

"Catching up" with a three year old in tow

I met a friend at a cafe today. Sadie slept half the time and then was quite content to sit on my friend's lap, as long as she had something edible in her hand. As usual.

Theo refused to eat the cupcake he requested I buy for him or to sit at the same table as us. He chose to sit directly behind me at his own separate table eating Shapes crackers (I had to lure him back inside with the promise of something delicious).

At one point I turned around and caught him running back to his seat with yellow crumbs around his mouth.

I was highly embarrassed. What does one do in this situation? No one was at the table that he grazed at (hence Theo thinking it was a free for all) but personal belongings had been left (Theo also claimed their glasses, but I got them back on the table unscathed). Two people returned to the table but neither seemed to notice anything was missing.

So I didn't bring it up.

Then we walked to visit another friend who has a month old baby, where Theo almost broke their games console and a crystal bottle, gleefully stripped their clothes horses and threw nappies around the room, clean and dirty. On our way out he emptied the shelves of her linen cupboard in the hallway.


Theo quietly rode the bus even though he didn't want to and held my hand the whole time.
He sat for an hour at a cafe without disrupting any of the other customers.
When my friend left to walk back to uni we walked down the street to the Harley Davidson store where Theo got to sit on "the big blue one".
He walked all over town, up and down hills without me having to carry him or even complaining. He was happy tearing up leaves and singing as we went.
He whispered and gazed excitedly at a newborn baby, like he knew that that little one was special.
Then he caught the bus home without complaining, fell asleep, sitting straight up, next to a stranger so I got to have lovely sleepy cuddles as I carried him home.

The question is, which day did I have? The first or the second?

When Theo wouldn't eat his dinner, it was the first. When Papa arrived with a crane for Theo's train set for his birthday, it was the second. When Theo wouldn't go to sleep it was the first. When Nat got home from work it was the second.

Ending on a high note!

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