Friday, June 18, 2010

$5 Bag Sale

A while ago my favourite op shop in town held a $5 bag sale. I was ecstatic. I've only caught one other before this one in my life, but always heard about them after the fact, or seen something great that someone else got at one. I was there for a couple hours and I bought 2 bags, so for $10 I got this:

Nice one!

For those who care to know a few more details...

1. Pink cord jacket that my sister and neighbour that I went with insist I take home with me. It was a bit snug but I took it, and when I got home I discovered it had been taken in, just a touch. A few minutes unpicking and: perfect. Gotta love it!
2. Some good comfy jeans (not skinny, still need some of those) to replace the pair that I had just worn through in the knee.
3. Another pair of slightly nicer/formal jeans.
4. A pair of tight cord, grey pants to replace my comfy home pants that I had just worn through, in the same knee.
5. Some nice jean shorts.
6. Perfect red bow flats. Not cheap ones either. LOVE them.
7. Perfect black pseudo-heeled boots. They validate any outfit (except trying to squeeze my non-skinny jeans under them). They are PERFECT. I LOVE them.
8. A knit sweater vest. Perfect for winter.
9. A nice shirt that I dripped bleach on the the first time I wore it. Oh well. Once I'd gotten it home it wasn't the great find I remembered.
10. The blouse that will make Nat stop hating blouses because it's so feminine and lovely. I just have to find a suitable undershirt seeing as it's practically transparent.
11. Brown chinese dress that fits me nicely the size I am now. Because I'm not 100% happy with the size I am now I haven't worn this dress yet. But it seemed to need to come home with me. I thought that if I never wore it maybe I could refashion it into a great wallet + headbands + other cool things. But is that sort of thing done to this sort of dress? I don't know.
12. A maybe jacket that I've already gotten rid of.
13. A dress I grabbed on the way out to fill space in my bag that turned out too small for me but might look nice on my sister if she ever wears it.
14. My jacket. When I put this on for the first time I thought "Why didn't I already own this?". It's so me. It's my colour, it fits great. I heart this jacket.
15. and 16. Two different peasant skirts. Apparently I'm in to those, since I found two in my bag when I got home.
17. Another skirt, that Erika says looks expensive when I wear it. Gotta love that!
18. Another skirt, that is definitely casual. It's high waisted, fits like an elastic waistband skirt, has a single pleat in the front and back and pockets. It looks FANTASTIC with my perfect red bow flats, and hip with my perfect black pseudo-heeled boots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE but I can't figure out what to wear on top. Help please?
19. Two muffin tins. They might be gem tins because they're round. I don't know.
20. A cute french caramels tin.
21. A handbag for outings that are sans children.
22. A tiny backpack for Sadie for when she goes to nursery class at church.
23. A few other baby things: CUTE blue bonnet hat for Sadie, super cute brown mittens, socks for Theo, overnappy and a my little pony with brush.



  1. Awesome finds! You could wear your new blouse with the high-waisted skirt, or just a simple fitted lycra tee, just make sure you have them half tucked in.

  2. Nicole - What do I wear on top of that though? It's not exactly the time of year to go outside in just a lycra tee. This is my biggest issue...

  3. You could always wear a long sleeved lycra tee (with a thermal singlet underneath?) and a Cardigan over top. Not like a bulky Grandad style Cardi though. A more form fitting one.

  4. Nicole - Ok thanks, good idea. I'll see what I can whip up.