Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet some friends of mine... ADDENDUM

From left: Nicole - A friend from high school. We were on the same netball team together, and almost won our grade. Despite not having seen each other since then we feel like we've totally kept in touch, thanks to the miracle of the internet.
Serenity - I was always jealous of her singing talent at high school. Now she has a gorgeous daughter who gets on well with my son and is super talented at taking photos of herself (among other things). She took this photo. Would you have known?

A visit from these lovely ladies yesterday spurred this whole thing. I wanted to post this photo of us, and decided it just would not do unless I also parade a few other photos of people that I treasure...

My family, including my parents, my siblings (bar my brother in Ohio), our spouses and children. And also excluding my brother-in-law who took the photo. Guess who that hunk of burning love up front belongs to? I am a lucky lady indeed.

My sister Erika, who really I couldn't do without. We married best friends and moved in next door to each other. Isn't that great? We no longer live in such close quarters, still close enough, and are still into each others lives a fair bit. We have talked about the fact that we both need to make friends other than each other because all we do is hang out together all the time, even when we're out at events where would-be friends are aplenty. It's a hard habit to break though! My other sister Angela (who was previously featured here, hence the gaping hole where she would be on this post. Vote for her while you're there.) and I use her as our measure of righteousness. She's at the top. We're somewhere underneath. I.e. If Erika does it, it must be ok.

Johanna, with Sadie at the swimming pools, and the belly dancer at a restaurant we went to. We started taking singing lessons together when we were 14 and have been close ever since. She was one of the two friends I had at my wedding (the guest list filled up with family mostly) and although she lived in Auckland for a year and Australia for what, two? we're still tight. Since moving back to Wellington she frequents my house on Wednesday afternoons to play with my children and me. We've stuck together her and I. She's a bestie.

Victoria, at her birthday dinner, at the restaurant with the belly dancer. It was an awesome night. I met Victoria under the ruse that I was delivering a poem that my twin brother (a boy who had a crush on her) had had me write for her. We've been friends ever since. I spent most Friday nights during one year of high school at her place eating homemade butter chicken and watching Tru Calling. We wagged school to watch movies with her sick mother in bed, who was a teacher at our school by the way. She was the other friend I had at my wedding. She's also a bestie.

I know I'm not unique in having people that I care about, that I find interesting and that I love. But this is the bunch that have made a difference, left a mark and feature in my life. I love you all!


To plug that hole...

My sister Angela, with her daughter Esky. A lot of who I am can be attributed to Angela, because she was who I was trying to be like for most of my life, until I figured out who I wanted to be for myself. Being 4 years older than me meant that she was always experiencing life's next major hurdle and she's always been good at sharing how she fares. She's the one who gave me that first compliment that sparked my confidence and led me to my love of music. I looked forward to getting her hand-me-downs. Her opinion is one of those at the top of the list of those whose matter to me. Thank goodness she has reduced rates to call Wellington so that we can have good long talks whenever we fancy, even if I'm always the one who needs to go.


  1. Love the post. Don't love that 'special' looking picture of me. Love d the visit M, will be having another catch up really soon!

  2. Mariah, you're looking really, really lovely.

    Also, I know you totally blew trumps about me just a sleep or so again...and yet I'm jealous.

    Your comments about Erika = hilarious. So true. Erika told me I was allowed to buy caffeine-free Coke while I was pregnant...but saying, "What can it hurt?" and I thought, "Yes...Erika approves!" and bought some that day.

    I wonder if people on the outside think you and Erika a hard clique to break into.

  3. Im Honoured to be a feature in this post. I just love spending time with you and the babes.

    Oh and Angela...I dont think they're hard to break into...But then again I have been friends with Mariah for ages so maybe im not a REAL 'outsider'???

  4. Nicole - I think it's a nice picture of you, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it! I'm sorry if you think otherwise. And yes, loved the visit!

    Anglea - See addendum. I thought that might happen. And I hope people don't think we're clique-ish! But we've been branching out recently, so hopefully not.

    Johanna - I hope you don't mind the photos of you! I didn't have much to go on believe it or not. And I'm glad that you've broken in. See you Wednesday ;)

  5. Oh my gosh i love your blog, I've never seen a blog so they might kind of look a like or be standard but either way, yours is fantastic.

    Thanks so much for making me apart of your blog! how excting.

    also the photos are pretty funny, they make me look like i smile all the time like that.

  6. Victoria - I hoped they would be funny but acceptable, they were all I had!