Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mince Pie

A dinner I felt exceptionally proud of recently...

Pastry from scratch...

Blind baked case, mince filling from scratch, cheese layer overtop...

Top crust laid over, slits to let steam out, decoration...


When Nat bit into this he said something like "Oh my goodness, this is delicious! It's so good!" It only took 5 years worth of dinners and making the family equivalent of NZ's second most popular fast/junk food to get that compliment.


  1. good on you :)
    looks delish

  2. That looks very impressive, especially the pastry!

  3. That looks delicious!!! I live in the USA and Americans don't eat meat pies. I miss the convenience of being able to just pick one up for lunch. If I really want one I have to make my own. That's okay though, because they're sooo good made from scratch and definitely worth the effort!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Little Kiwi Chick - You can't pick up a mince pie for lunch, but you can pick up a burrito! Something I'm in awe of every time I remember.

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