Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Mother Of All Migraines

If you don't get migraines, let me try and describe for you how they are. If you do, you can smile (grimace) and nod.

First your vision gets patchy.
Then your fingers on one side go numb. Then that entire side of your body is numb.
Now your vision is back, but The Pain has started.
The Pain: It feels like an elephant is sitting on your head, and at the same time, your brain is swelling up threatening to explode out your eyes and ears. Your eyes feel like they're bruised all over and someone is pressing the bruises, which shoots little daggers of pain through the rest of your head. It feels like your blood is laced with lead, so that every time you move your head you can feel all the weight shifting with gravity, making that space inside your head even more full and uncomfortable.
In the more intense moments, The Pain consumes your whole head, sometimes including your neck. When things finally calm down, The Pain retreats to focus around your eyes and temples.
Your body decides it can't deal with more than The Pain and so you start to throw up. Your stomach can no longer perform it's proper function. This is not helped by the lead laced blood, which makes you feel seasick if you try to stand up.
Light hurts your eyes. Sound hurts your ears/head. Strong smells make you want to throw up. Eating does make you throw up. Your hands feel detached from your body. None of your senses are working.
The only cure: Sleep. Medicine helps, but without that Sleep, it will not go away.

This is what I've been going through for the last 48 hours. Normally, for me, a migraine will go away after sleep. Even if it's just a nap for a couple hours. I used to average a migraine a week in one year of high school, so I got pretty accustomed to how I could deal with them. This was not like the Other Migraines. This has been The Mother Of All Migraines.

Sunday the migraine set in, not in the usual way. It was a headache that intensified and worsened until it reached migraine status. Very different for me. After a couple hours I slept for the night, hoping my cure would relieve me by morning. Morning came. The migraine was worse. Also different for me. I stayed in bed and slept. All day. I slept all night that night. Tuesday morning. Improved, but still present. Why is this still happening? Anyway, I had a big nap in the middle of the day today and resurfaced almost whole, off to bed now hoping to be 100% by tomorrow. But you never know with this one.


  1. praying you feel better by the morning

    sometimes I put my neck out
    cause unknown
    that gives me a blinding headache

    Ive only ever had 1 migraine
    it was about 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest
    it was aweful
    Ive never forgotten it
    your in my thoughts and prayers

  2. What?! No word salad? What a waste! To endure all that and not even have word salad to laugh about later just plain bites.

  3. Thank you Jen! How kind of you.

    Ange - I've been sleeping far too much. No talking happening here.

    On the mend, thank you all. xoxo