Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Sister

If you look in the top left hand corner of my banner, you'll spot her. My sister Angela. (the one that's sleeping)

(With her daughter, Esky)

A year ago we won $2000 off the radio. That is, my other sister Erika and I (actually it was our husbands). We split it and were grateful for the Providence that provided for us in a difficult week.

Two weeks later we won $1000 each online. It was a dance video competition. You know we're good at that. Erika won the second week of the competition, with a video of her going hard solo, and Nat won the third week, with a video of him and Tim (Erika's husband) breaking. Once again it was perfect timing. Tender mercies, not room enough to receive all the blessings flowing from the windows of heaven, all that jazz.

My point today is, we couldn't have won it without the serious campaigning that we did. I mean serious. Erika's win in week two was a bit of a pinch, she was easily the best video on there. But by week three the whole country had caught on it seemed and were trying to make an easy buck. We emailed our entire address books. More than once. We spent hours on facebook and gmail chat, initiating conversations with people we hadn't spoken to since primary school, sending through the link for the voting page. Our extended family members did the same to their online friends.

Well tonight I'm at it again.

Striking Keys has been nominated for the "Best Blog Site" award in the NetGuide Web Awards on techday.co.nz. Click through and vote for my gorgeous sister Angela here. You need to go to the "Best Blog Site" category (it's the first one), type strikingkeys.blogspot.com in the "Other" field, and hit "Vote". Don't select from the drop down list, that's a list of last years winners, not the nominees.

And if you don't read Striking Keys, I'd suggest you click through and have a nosey. You may just find yourself becoming a follower or subscriber. She's quirky, funny, can take a good photo, and loves her life, which means her posts are full of things that make your day better when you read them. Even if you don't click through and have a read, you can justify your vote by reasoning that I asked you to vote for her. I didn't ask you to vote for me, which I could have done, since any website in NZ is eligible, but I think that she should win.

You could consider it your good deed for the day, or, even better, become a raving fan like me and encourage all your friends to follow suit and vote (thanks so much Nicole for doing that when we were up for the dance comp a year ago!). Note: Only one vote per person, extra votes will be disqualified.


  1. this is so cool. Yes I religiously voted for Erika EVERY day for like 2 weeks when she did her dance video thing. I set my alarm 10 min earlier each morning so i could get up, fire up the comp and vote vote vote.

    I'll go vote RIGHT now coz i LURVE reading 'striking keys' its a blast


  2. Oh thanks Johanna! You scheduled time for it? So nice.