Friday, June 4, 2010

Popping Corn

Want to hear something ridiculous?

The Wellington Region, and possibly the whole of New Zealand, is officially, out of popping corn.

We called around the supermarkets in Wellington until we found one that had some stock left, and got there in time to buy the last 2 packets. All of the supermarkets were saying the same thing: "We're waiting for a new shipment from our distributors. Everyone is out, including them."

But we found the last two packets. Yesssssss!

But wait. There's more.

We got them home and I went to popping (on the stovetop, the best way, I love it). And they didn't pop. Are you kidding me? It was a different brand then we normally buy, so I thought it might be the way I was going about it. So I followed the instructions exactly and same result. Lack of pop. It was just hard, partially exploded corn. That tasted gross.

So I called the company. And they knew what I was talking about. No beating around the bush.
"Yes, we're having some issues with our popping corn at the moment. It has too high a moisture content. But don't throw it away! Lay it out somewhere warm, not the hot water cupboard, but maybe beside the stove. Lay it out for a week or two and it will be dry enough to pop. Meanwhile, we'll send you replacement bags."
(Are you kidding me?) "When will those arrive?"
"I won't be able to send them for at least a week, we're no longer selling popping corn, we have run out of product. I can't send any replacements until we get a new shipment from our suppliers."

Well none of this helps me. I'm doing the popcorn for a youth movie night tomorrow night. Popcorn for 5o people (at least). I thought Thursday was enough of a head start to get it all done by Saturday. Little did I know I would have had to have started this process weeks ago by buying the good brand of popping corn before it sold out to be able to have the popcorn I wanted.

So after calling and being promised replacement bags, we also took the dud bags back to the supermarket and got a refund, and then bought $20 worth of 97c microwave popcorn.

It'll do.


  1. you've just inspired me to have pop corn for dinner tonight!!

  2. I dont know if I like their idea of laying them out beside the stove for a week. For one thing my older son would eat the seeds. What about bacteria that would get on them theres a reason they are in a packet and to me its more than just to place to store them.
    I prefer using a popcorn popping machine or mircowave popcorn
    just my opinions

  3. I have to agree that they taste better stove popped! We use a popcorn maker and it's really not the same so usually buy the microwave stuff. I was actually reading the back of Pop n Good's caramel corn and it says they only do one crop a year (or something like that) and I was wondering what would happen if it all sold out - especially with alot of people going back to basics and popping their own.

  4. Jen - I definitely didn't like the idea of laying them out beside the stove! Who can spare that room in their kitchen for two weeks? And who with children would risk it? The kids would definitely eat them!

  5. In my family this would constitute as a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. We've had stoved popped popcorn every Sunday night for 30 years. Is there a government official you can call?

  6. Hey we've had the same problem this week too! I usually get that brand and have never had a problem before. I sent them an email yesterday so will give them a ring too if I have no luck. Found you on Kiwi Mummy Blogs. Am sure you're boy will love kindy and you will too :o)