Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After 6 weeks of looking at it in the fridge and feeling my stomach turn, I thought I'd give this drink another try. It was the last thing I consumed before the onset of my most recent stomach episode, and so the thought of it entering my body again has just clean put me off. I'm feeling like a bit of a sweet treat tonight though, and lately seem to want my treats to be a drink, and so tonight, this is it.

So it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But I can tell you a few things. This drink is SUPER SWEET. Sweeter than fizzy drinks. And I will definitely be drinking it in doses over a course of time because it's super strong (go figure, that's 41% aloe vera written on the side of the bottle if you missed it). And it still makes my stomach turn a little bit.

Here's to conquering one's fears.


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And on to the next treat. Because who am I kidding. That just didn't hit the spot.


  1. I am gagging. Why would you drink this???

  2. Sounds like it's a "concentrate" liquid? If it were me I don't think I'd re-visit it again. Purple toilet duck cleaner still reminds me of hurling while pregnant with my first child. I cannot stand it - of course it's not a drink though - maybe that's the defining difference eh?:P

    If you're up for a sweet treat in drink form though I'd like to suggest a couple - Mangonificent Smoothie by McCoy - and it IS - Mango-NIFICENT that is. Like heavenly nectar I tell you! It will send tingles through you!

    OR if you fancy something toasty - Raspberry and Peach herbal tea - YUM!! And a couple teaspoons of sugar - some people will say it doesn't need sugar. These people are wrong, Wrong, WROOOOOONNNNG! Other people may say - try honey - I say WRRRRROOOOOOOOONGOOOO again. Sugar.

    ANNND for when you get off your sweet treat drink phase - Sweet Spicy Pumpkin Muffins - YUMMO! These make me literally squeal with delight (aloud) at the deliciousness of them. Seriously. (and no icing even - yum, yum, YUMMMMM!)

  3. Nicole - It's actually quite nice, my favourite thing from the food show, the only thing we purchased. There are a few flavours like (if I remember right) pomegranate and 18%, but we liked the 41% the best on the day.

    Ana - Not a concentrate liquid, just for hard aloe fans. I might start watering it down though, thanks for the idea. And while selecting my treat tonight it was all about what I have, much like resorting to sweetened condensed milk!