Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What now?


This morning when I woke up, earlier than I wanted to for sure (I don't know what time I'd get up if I could choose. Hmm...) I thought to myself "I love sleeping more than staying up late. I should switch."

Have you ever thought something similar? I have many times. But I thought this time I meant it.

Last night I stayed up late sewing baby tights for Sadie. I loved it. I'm pretty rubbish at sewing to tell the truth, but making something from nothing, or refashioning (since all my material is pre-used), really lights my fire. I couldn't pack up the machine until I'd put together all the pieces I'd cut out. It felt good to have something to show for how I'd spent my time. It felt good to tick something off my (imaginary) to-do list. It was fun. It was a good night for me.

But I still woke up thinking it wasn't worth it to sacrifice an hour and a half of sleep for two pairs of almost finished tights (I still need to sew on the elastic waistbands). I should have stopped after one (it took me two hours to make three). But I'm not good at that. Stopping.

Things I am not good at stopping:
-Eating (especially baked goods. Currently looking for reasons not to eat another cookie)
-Playing computer games (I rarely start, like 4 times a year, but when I do...)
-Being lazy (not being able to find one of your running shoes because it's been so long since you've used it and it's buried under all of the other shoes tells you what?)
-Watching tv (especially if it's a series I'm in to on DVD. Just one more episode... We'll just finish this disc... etc.)
-Reading a good book
-Reading online (blogs, the links posted on all the blogs that I read, National Geographic photos and articles)
-A current project, while it's still smoking.

I see a pattern here. I think it could be called self-indulgence. *Tut tut tut*.

What's keeping me up tonight? I'm designing an invitation for an upcoming youth event that I'm involved with the planning of. I'm fired up by my concept. Now I've just got to get it right.

I'll put my "early to bed, get more sleep" plan in to effect starting tomorrow night.

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