Friday, July 16, 2010

Evening Wear


... The Onesie.

Awesome, no?
(Please forgive the poor photo quality. I am aware)

This makes someone catching me in my pyjamas a little more interesting. Last person that did: My mother-in-law. Before that: My sister. Before that: My brother-in-law (I think...? I may be remembering incorrectly...) Before that: A stranger. Awesome.


  1. It doesn't have feet? Awwwww....(as in slightly disappointed awwww)

  2. wow. you are one brave chicken putting these up! it looks so comfy! can't help but think about the difficulties of going to the loo tho...........

    and it made me think of this...

  3. Ana - I know! about the feet. But I scored this for free, so it's better than nothing right?
    FaerySarah - Oh I had to muster the courage, believe me. And they are definitely night before instead of morning after photos. Not much chance of those going up here.

  4. I love you a little bit more for this xx

  5. we used to have those in Ithaca. I wonder if they are in storage at mum and dad's somewhere. Then Nat could wear one and you could match!

  6. Johanna - I've heard about the Ithaca onesies. Nat used to go on about them so much when we first got married that I almost bought him one. I will have to make some inquiries...