Friday, July 30, 2010

Fantastic and Not-So-Much

Taken from my life lately...

-Nat served me gnocchi made from scratch (meaning, from potatoes) for lunch today as a surprise, in burnt butter and sage sauce. The fried sage leaves were AMAZING.
-A dear friend visited recently. She walked in and said "You look skinnier", then we shared apple pie and some good chats. It started great and just got better.
-Reading on the iPad in bed is pretty awesome. Since we have Theo back in our room to sort out some sleep issues I can't have the light on to read in bed. I can have the iPad.

-Reading this post on Family Volley somehow reminded me of last night when a woman said "Does she stay home all day? Is that how she had time to do all of that?" (re: a super-fab presentation we attended and the woman who put it on). It seemed belittling and condescending, when I value that woman and the stay-at-home motherhood so much.
-There are a lot of dog droppings on the footpaths in my neighbourhood recently. Really, a lot. If you're gonna walk your dog on my side of town, where there is concrete surrounded by more concrete and every patch of grass is precious, there is no place for your pets waste but the trash. Come on. You should know that by now.
-I need to clean the stove. We have gas, and have been putting it off for a while now. We thought that pretending the other of us was going to do it would mean it actually got done. It's crunch time. That's how I'll be spending my precious hour of midday-and-both-kids-are-sleeping today.

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  1. I get really riled up about people's comments re. stay-at-home motherhood. Really riled.