Friday, July 23, 2010

Happiness vs. Shame

Just like when we opened our new iMac, this moment filled me with happiness. With our new iMac, that moment managed to counter all the ill feeling that I'd had ever since our previous iMac had broken. The Apple people know about this phenomenon. It's their business. We all fall for the good looking ones.

This time around I can't help but also feel a little bit embarrassed. Who really needs one of these? (Answer according to Nat: Everyone)

Ever since the iPad came out Nat has wanted one. Actually, I wanted one the moment I watched the introductory video the day they came out, but reeled those feelings in with reality. Nat took a few days to be totally sold and no such thing as reality reeled him in. Since then, every time we've happened upon some "extra" income (e.g. tax rebates) Nat would say, "What should we spend our [rebate] on? An iPad?". Finally I told him that if he could earn enough for an iPad in "extra" income through trademe (NZ's ebay) then he could buy one. I thought I was being generous. I opened the doors of possibility. There was some hope for him to grasp.

So. I was being generous. Those doors were opened WIDE. Guess how long it took him to make $750 "extra" income?

One. Week.


  1. I've been on the computer ever since this post published. Nat's comment = I can't stop giggling.


  2. wow...$750 in one week, that's alot

  3. Nat can sell it to dad when the new version comes out :)

  4. classic. love nat's comment. michael wants one of those too. except he doesn't get extra income....

  5. Johanna - I like that plan, except they'll probably have their own before then seeing as they went out looking yesterday.

  6. Mark drooled over Nat's iPad. I still can't get over the name of the thing.

  7. Hi there,

    My hubby would be drooling over that also - his idea; buy me one for Christmas... that way he gets to play with it also! He still trying to convince me that we NEED one, so far I have not wavered... I guess Christmas will be telling (I'd rather have patio furniture)!!!!