Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love vs. Love

Current inner conflict: Should/could/will I attend the 6:30am BodyPump class tomorrow morning?

It would involve:
-Getting up at 5:40am
-Running to the gym
-Bussing home
-Making Nat get out of bed with the kids when they wake up (and let's be honest, he's not the best version of himself before 8am. For every hour after that add another couple spoonfuls of sugar.)

Things I would love:
-Being able to fit exercise into an otherwise full day
-Getting said exercise over and done with by the time breakfast is ready
-Doing BodyPump (it's the awesomest class ever)
-The possibility of having a large chocolate thickshake for breakfast (although if I make this a habit after attending the gym I probably may as well not even go)

Things I would not love (we won't say hate even though we mean hate):
-Getting out of bed at 5:45am
-Running to the gym (actually this is a love/hate)

Which love do you think I should indulge? Are you rooting for the angel or the devil?


  1. do it! mind over mattress!
    I'm just impressed you will go to body pump after the initial session and soreness. I had a short lived gym membership once but never really went back after being sore for three days! All those squats!

  2. Johanna - BodyPump is my fave. Yes it's hard, and I almost fell down the stairs afterwards and also was sore for three days, but that's how you know it's working! And I'm getting to heavier weights and finding the ability to use my legs afterwards. It's great. My worst is the lunges. My goodness the lunges! Closely followed by the squats.

  3. I wish our 6am classes were at 6.30 - lets face it I probably still wouldn't make it - either my husband would be starting at 7am or I am up with my little one feeding and trying to keep the other kids still asleep. I do love pump though - wonder if you went?