Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Putting what's first, first

I've discovered that I LITERALLY need to put what is "first" in my life, first.

Finally the kids are in bed. I'm just going to sit down and read through my reader, emails and facebook messages for a quick break, some long awaited "me time", and then I'll get on to (fill the blank e.g. dishes, washing, other chores, paperwork, scripture study time, other responsibility).
But NO! I've decided I can't do that anymore. Because before I know it I've followed all the links on the blogs I like and done far more extensive reading than I'd planned and looked at photos of people's weddings and babies for so long that it's 10:30pm and time for bed. So I decide to just stay on a bit longer and skip the chores tonight and I end up having a really late night.
So I'm going to do the chores/other responsibilities/needs first. Like I used to when I was at my best. Like I should. Then I'll have time for everything I just know it.

Another example:
The computer happens to be on so I think I'll just check my emails and facebook quickly while the kids play happily together.
But NO! Because before I know it it's been half an hour replying to those 2 emails and looking at that new baby my friend just had and the kids have been in pandemonium for 25 of those minutes because all they want is my attention but instead I'm looking at a screen.
So I'm going to leave the computer time until the end of the day. All of it. Unless the kids are both sleeping or something. Because I don't need to check my email 3 times a day or more, nothing in my life is that urgent, except for those two gorgeous babes of mine and I have access to them without the internet. I will allow myself twice, morning and night, because sometimes things are that urgent. But if I'm going to be a stay at home mum, I think I should be looking after my children and household. It's like going to your office job and spending all day on Facebook or surfing the internet, except my office is my home and my work a different kind. I need to fill the job description.

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  1. I think that is a good plan but dont be TOO hard on yourself aye...you are important too =)

    I think you are a a WONDERFUL Mother. 'The Babes' are beautiful, smart, funny, inquisitive (sp?), delightful and delicious and all of that is because of YOU and your great mothering skills!!!

    I take my hat off to you today.