Sunday, August 8, 2010

7 Things that made my week Awesome this week...

1. I got a package from my sister. Snail mail, especially packages, is the best. You'd be right in noticing that that bag of M&M's didn't make it to the photo shoot unopened.

2. I went to The Chocolate Buffet. Menu here. It was as good as you imagine. Well maybe not quite as good as I imagined..willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-0.jpg
(image) Click to enlarge, it doesn't fit my blog.

But still spectacular and more than I could manage.
Click to enlarge, it doesn't fit my blog.

3. I won $100 restaurant voucher for Vista Cafe, just in time for my wedding anniversary next week. Our Anniversary Extravaganza* just got bigger.

4. After a visit to Plunket my son slept through the night 3 times. We're improving.

5. We went to Tinytown and I felt good that I was doing something for the kids to enjoy rather than just having two traveling companions with me doing "boring" stuff. And the bouncy castle's pretty fun.

6. I made Beef Stroganoff again. So that's twice in one week. Awesome.

7. We lost a TradeMe auction for a bunk bed just in time to be able to buy a really nice set at 1/5 the price from some acquaintances vacating the country. Another acquaintance drove two hours to deliver it to our door at less than the price of the petrol it took to make the drive. Good old christian charity. Tender mercies indeed.

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  1. Your week really was awesome! (and you will see me next year at the Duxton) wo hoo!

    You know, on the drive back to wgtn this afternoon we were behind this van with the boot tied down because they had some large piece of furniture in the back. We spent a good 20 minutes deliberating what that piece of furniture could be... even passed them a couple times to try and get a better look lol! In the end I decided it was a red desk with posters on the side... not as interesting as the dog kennel I hoped it would be...

    Just a random side note... lol the story of the bunk bed reminded me of that...