Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Busy Time

I did a lot of extra curricular activities at college (high school). Probably just as many extra curriculars as curricular activities.

I played netball, volleyball and lawn bowls, and I also coached netball. I did voice, piano and guitar lessons through the school, later on switching my piano lessons to music theory lessons outside of school. I participated in the school production, the Performing Arts Tour and Stagechallenge (dance competition). I was a Yellow Ribbon Ambassador (student counsellor), Mediator and also a Head Student in my last year. I was in a band with my friends, the school's Jazz Band, the choir, the Performing Arts Tour Choir and the barbershop singing group. I was in the Mathswell competition team in 3rd form, and did debating until I was told I was a disgrace to the school for missing meetings. I was on the Arts Council and House Captain in seventh form. Before seventh form I was in charge of the chants (along with Erika) for our House. I was a student mentor in 6th form and performed in a chamber music group in seventh form. I did tap dancing outside of school with Erika and attended weekly youth group as well as seminary (scripture study class) every morning before school in 3-6 forms. I worked at the school canteen in 3-4 forms and at the checkouts in Woolworths in 5-7 forms.

It was a busy time.

Last week I was called by the arts coordinator at Kapiti College, my old high school. We'd practically shared an office, as her office when the role was created (in my seventh form year) shared the same room (with a divider) as the computer lab that I did all my composition work on that year, as well as being Arts HQ where we held Arts Council meetings etc.

She asked if I'd like to be a judge for the Kapiti College Variety Concert this week.


When Variety Concert came around once a year I was normally in about 6 items, give or take. I would perform with my band, with the jazz band, sing with the choir and my friend Johanna who I took lessons with, I would dance with Erika (sometimes tap, sometimes not) and I would dance with a couple other girls, Juliane and Abbey.

There really isn't another time in your life like High School.

So I'm really looking forward to this.

(Written one week ago, 22 August. Check back tomorrow to see how the judging went!)


  1. What an awesome opportunity! Have fun judging and being back at your old college, I'm certain it'll bring back even more wonderful memories for you.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! I hope it is!