Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Extravaganza Extended

I have two sweet friends who came over tonight. One brought flowers for me, because it's my anniversary weekend coming up. "It's a special time for you in your life". What a sweetheart.

The other brought movie tickets, with vouchers for popcorn and drinks. Also, such a sweetheart. Her life would be enough for me to deal with if I was her, but she's still such a darling and so thoughtful. Thinking of others and not herself.

Hotel, dinner, movies, flowers. And it's not even Friday yet.

SO grateful for these* people right now.

This is actually JUST what I needed, wouldn't you know. Of course it is. You might notice after yesterdays post I was feeling in a bit of a slump. Hormonal I think, but hey, it could be because I'm not exercising as much as I was last month or because I ate a whole block of chocolate in 36 hours. Both of those could have done it too.

I feel so spoiled right now. It's actually really nice.

*Everyone that has contributed to the Anniversary Extravaganza, even in roundabout ways that you might not be aware of: Christina, Deb, Mum and Dad, my in-laws, Erika, all the people running the YW activity at church that I'll be missing, Wilhemina, Nat and I'm sure there are more that I can't think of at present. 90% of you won't read this, but at least everyone that does can appreciate your kindness.

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