Tuesday, August 10, 2010


How do you fit it in?

I do mine when the kids are in bed, so at the end of the day. The problem with this arrangement lately is that I get to the end of the day and feel too exhausted to tackle the big jobs. I promise myself I'll do it tomorrow, over and over again.

The best tip I was ever given was "You might just have to give yourself an hour every night after the kids are in bed to do housework. With the time by yourself you'll be amazed how much you can get done." I committed myself to that and discovered that I could get 90% done in one hour, so I only had to do that once a week.

But lately even that one hour once a week seems too hard. I've been cutting my chores into even smaller chunks.
"Just this today, that tomorrow."
But too often that tomorrow isn't coming around the next day.

Thankfully, I've got a handle on the bottomless washing basket. Sometimes it involves Nat and I both folding while watching tv on a Monday night to catch up a few loads after the weekend, but generally the washing has stopped stressing me out.

It's everything else.

Ugh. Not the best feeling.


  1. i LOVE cleaning

    You should send Nat and kiddies out one saturday and you and me could clean that place from top to bottom

    oh GO ON

  2. I think it's just plain easier for me. I only have one kid. And she's pretty happy to help me or play independently while I do housework. If she isn't enjoying a task, I just switch to another so that she gets variety, and come back to the one she was sick of. She helps hang washing, fold clothes, and put them away (in "her" way). I retrieved her mega blocks for her to play with while I cleaned the kitchen this morning. I leave her in her high chair with fun "after dinner" finger food after dinner while I wash up. She follows me with a pull-toy while I vacuum. I just think she's easy.


  3. I definitely think a major problem with me is motivation.

    When I'm on to it I set up similar activities for the kids while I work away at what I need to. Today Theo was a real trooper and occupied himself for almost the whole day while I caught up on things. I think I just needed to do it.

    I also needed to break it up a bit which helped.

    But it does sound like Esky's a good little helper. Yay.