Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing like a new...

  • Toothbrush. Those first few brushes are the best.
  • Underwear. It's nice to feel pretty on the inside.
  • Clothes in general. Add a lift to the daily routine by changing up the wardrobe.
  • Glasses. Times, trends and seasons are moving on. Apparently it's time I did too...

... They were awfully bent and starting to look Grandpa-ish to me (no offense Dad).


  1. ....and sheets!

    Also Specsavers have some awesome affordable glasses.

  2. My glasses did the same last Friday as I was rushing out the door to take the kids to school! I bought them at spec savers about a year ago so went back and they dont have that frame anymore - Arrgggh! So now have a frame I didnt choose or want... but I can see so thats what counts.

  3. Nicole - I agree with the sheets.

    And for Nicole and Leonie, if you're looking in to buying glasses online I would totally recommend ZenniOptical before all others.